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Congratulations on taking the first step in finding the best kept secret in the greater Colorado Springs area housing market.

We are a local family owned business working in the greater Colorado Springs area to buy and sell homes. We work with a team of real estate professionals and are backed by a group of nationwide investors that ensure our number one goal, tailoring a solution to meet your housing needs. We promote financially beneficial alternatives to the traditional difficulties and burdens of buying and selling a home. Do you want to own your own home, but you donít have perfect credit, we can help? Do you want to sell your house but donít have the time or money to work with a real estate agent, we can help?

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You can own your dream home, we can help. You donít need perfect credit or bank approval. With our popular Rent to Own program, owning your dream home is a lot easier than you think. Would you like to live in that home now, build equity, and improve your credit all without having to qualify with a bank? Our Rent to Own program may be the answer youíre looking for. Donít get stuck renting again, call us now.

If you have a house to sell we may have a better option that listing with a real estate agent. Did you know that on average it may take 3-6 months to sell your house? Did you know the average real estate commission is 6% of your sales price and that most buyers ask you to pay another 3% on top of that to cover their costs? What if you canít afford to pay the commission, donít have the time to sell, or your house needs a few more repairs? We have options. Call us now and letís work together to create a solution 719-577-6700.

Buying Or Selling A Home
Buy A Home

Buy A Home

Buying a home in Colorado? We want to talk to you. You can see a list of our homes.

Sell A Home

Sell A Home

Selling a home in Colorado? We don't want to list your home, we want to BUY it.

Stop Foreclosure

Facing Foreclosure

Facing foreclosure in Colorado? Don't waste anymore time looking around for a solution.

What is Rent to Own?

Our Rent to Own program is designed for folks that are interested in purchasing a home, but for whatever reason arenít currently able to qualify for a traditional mortgage. Perhaps your credit is bad and you need some help to improve your score, maybe you need a few more months on the job or are waiting for that big raise. If you would prefer to avoid the hassle of renting another home until that time, we can put you in the home you want to buy, RIGHT NOW! You donít have to wait for your credit, that raise, or whatever is holding you back. With our Rent to Own program you start renting the very home you want to buy right now. You build equity as you go, we can help you improve your credit, and you get to lock in your purchase price now! In our Rent to Own program we become partners on your path to becoming a homeowner. Click here to see which homes you can start owning today.

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Sell in Days Ebook
Sell Your House in Days Ebook

We'll gladly provide you a copy of our FREE e-Book "Sell Your House In Days Instead of Months."

Rent To Own Ebook
Stopping Foreclosure Ebook

We'll gladly provide you a copy of our FREE e-Book "Rent to Own: The Easy Way To Own Your Dream Home."